Karen photoKaren Slater, a Chicago native, moved to Wisconsin at 17 and stayed for 12 years. She graduated from Beloit College with a major in art, after exploring anthropology, sociology and psychology. Finally, she acknowledged that she needed art more than she needed any of the “ologies”. She has been happy with her decision. Along with a life time of art-making, Karen has raised two sons and been a frequent volunteer in schools, community politics, teaching English to refugee women and in an after-school tutoring program for at-risk kids. She is an active participant in the process of the development of the Hunters Point Shipyard into a new San Francisco community, focused on the creation of a Community Arts Center. Karen also indulges in a love of travel to both obvious (Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, Scotland) and more unusual spots (Libya, the Straits of Magellan, Norway, Iran and Morocco).